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University of Maine

Black Bears

11/3/09 01:17 pm - queerunity - Vote NO on 1 - Protect Maine Equality!

Marriage equality is on the ballot in Maine today and the race will be close, every vote counts. Please get out to the polls and take friends and family with you. It is essential to vote No on question 1 to keep marriage equality for gay and lesbian couples.

All couples deserve equal rights under the law, the right to the nearly 1,800 benefits that come with marriage equality that helps families file tax returns, visit loved ones in the hospital among other important family decisions. Let's keep Maine values strong and vote to preserve equality for all Mainer's.



2/1/05 02:46 pm - amanda_louise - Heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeey!

Drop it like it's white.

2/1/05 02:24 pm - i_fear_bunnies



11/9/04 07:57 pm - i_fear_bunnies

How about them redsox?

10/26/04 03:09 pm - recalcitrantum

Is anyone an avid Where's Georger?

9/28/04 11:05 am - recalcitrantum - Professors


This is a really cool site where you can rate and view ratings on professors, so you don't go into classes unprepared.

9/27/04 08:16 pm - quirkyjerome

Wow...this community is so dead.

So anyway...does UMaine offer PE (physical education) classes and such? Not like...exercise science...but things such as weightlifting, gymnastics, etc?

9/22/04 01:48 pm - quirkyjerome

I am applying to UMaine as a nursing major but I think I may want to double major in marketing or psych along with it. Is that possible since they are in two different schools?

9/22/04 01:12 pm - recalcitrantum

Hi, I'm Jen and while I don't attent UMaine yet, I will in January and I spend a good part of my weekends down there, due to my SO being a resident. I'm coming in as an English major (technical writing concentration), and I plan on joining the student senate and maybe a band or two I hope.

9/15/04 06:23 pm - i_fear_bunnies

Jenn made me another new icon, and I wanted both of your inputs on it.


By the way,
Amanda, Jenn didn't run off with Zack to Montana, so Stephen still can profess his love....
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